Saturday, October 21, 2006

Enough is enough.

Robin Hood. That's it, I'm not wasting any more time watching this unless the BBC pay me. In drugs. That make me forget I've just wasted 45 minutes watching this utter rubbish. It's the most cliched dross and an example of why families don't gather around the TV any more, like they did back in the good old days of World War One when dinosaurs ruled the earth. I'll admit I didn't guess that Maid Marian was 'The Night Watchmen' but only because the actress couldn't make me believe she had one personality, let alone two. Robin Hood isn't afraid of the Sherriff and the Sherriff doesn't really seem that bothered about doing something about Robin, unless he's nearby.

We're now into that three week period that starts with Diwali and runs to Bonfire Night where every halfwit in the area lets off fireworks after dark. It's one of those areas of human life that I just don't understand like Amateur Wrestling or trying to produce an intelligent show for Channel 5.

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