Monday, October 02, 2006

Don't forget

Just because Labour are in power, the Conservatives are still complete and utter bastards.

Tory chairman Francis Maude apologises for something unimportant.

"My secretary was told on Friday that I still hadn't been positively vetted. I find that amazing. I'm an ex-colonel in the army and I have been to Tory party conferences before."

WebCameron. Wooo! 'Behind the scenes access' eh? What does that mean? Are there extras too? An alternate ending to the Tory party's leadership election where David Davis (who, let's not forget, supports the return of the death penalty) wins? A Dave the Chameleon screensaver? They better do something, their lead over Labour is starting to slip.

The Daily Torygraph and it's readers seem unimpressed.

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