Monday, October 30, 2006

Cower puny humans! I'm currently, indeed one might say literally, (in the correct English definition of the word, rather than the American one which is as some kind of strengthener of the statement it's being used on) listening at this exact millisecond of writing to toygopop by the Modified Toy Orchestra, who I came across a few weeks ago on Mixing It. If you're not listening to Mixing It then it has been scientifically proved that you're going to hell and not the interesting and sexy hell either.

The album is created by taking apart electronic kids toys like speak'n'spells and circuit bending them until interesting sounds ensue. While 'A Grand Occasion' is at the cutesy end of the spectrum 'Caramel Accident' sounds like that scene in Robocop 2 where he gets taken apart, if it were performed using a Speak 'n' Spell. 'Where is my Sock?' is the revenge of the Toys'r'us toys. If you're looking for the Aphex Twin to STOP FECKING AROUND and produce another Come to Daddy (or indeed, any music that was worth a damn) then this isn't the album for you, but it's cheeryfungood. You buy, makehappysmilesjoyjoy!

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