Thursday, October 05, 2006

As sporting fixtures are normally a few minutes of excitement in a week, fortnight or sometimes month of otherwise dull mundanity sports journalists often fill up the gaping void in their existence and purpose by pondering on fantasies: Who would win in a fight between Mohammad Ali and Mike Tyson if both were at the top of their game? At their best, who's better, Wayne or George? And what if Tim Henman wasn't such a waste of space?

Which brings me round to my point. Who would win the next general election if it were between David Cameron and Tony Blair? Better still, what if Tony Blair didn't have the disastrous decision to go to war in Iraq turning him into electoral poison? Who would win between Tony Blair at the height of his powers and Tony Blair II: It Came From the Tory Party?

Watching the Conservative Party leader in action this week he seems to have made a firm decision that the country isn't tired of Tony Blair the politician, they're just tired of Tony Blair the man. So Cameron calls himself the heir to Blair and tries to portray himself as the Blair you can vote for without spoiling your morality. No matter when the next election is called, short of Cameron declaring himself the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, this year will be the key one in determing what happens then. Tony Blair holds on to the seat of power while not running the country, working to destabilise Gordon Brown and working hand-in-hand with... Gordon Brown. It's hard to find any real support for Brown, he's one of nature's sergeants, ideal as an ally and a number two, but lacking the charisma for the top spot. The reason Blair is drawing out his leaving is to ensure that if Brown were to take over, he'll end up leading a weak party to almost certain defeat at the hands of a re-energised Conservative party that has finally realised there are more votes to be had in charming the gay-friendly middle ground than chasing the vote of Europhobic pensioners who will be dead in a few years anyway.

And is WebCameron just the equivelent of Tony Blair going on This Morning ten years ago?

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