Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tony Blair urged to go by MPs. It was claimed on Newsnight last night that there are three letters, one from the 2005 intake of Labour MPs, one from 2001 new MPs and presumably a third from anyone else who isn't a die-hard Blair loyalist. The news prompted Cabinet Minister David Miliband to say he expected Mr Blair to quit in a year's time... But Mr Miliband stressed he did not have the planned timings from Mr Blair's own mouth.

It follows as a leaked memo detailing a farewell tour for Mr Blair.

The leaked memo?

A SENSATIONAL memo leaked to the Mirror reveals how Labour experts are planning Tony Blair's exit from No10. The retirement blueprint aims to promote the "triumph of Blairism" and allow the PM to quit on a wave of euphoria after 10 years in office. The secret strategy - drawn up by a small group of loyalists - is well under way. Mr Blair's "farewell tour" includes plans to appear on Blue Peter, Songs of Praise and Chris Evans' radio show.

Do you remember when Blair seemed to have a grasp of what cultural touchstones to press? On the other hand, if this is the Government trying to embarrass the Mirror like with the fake Iraq torture pictures that they published almost at the same time as the real torture pictures came out, then suggesting that Tony Blair will be going on Blue Peter and collecting his gold badge sounds like a joke in the Cabinet Office. "Psst! Put it in the memo that Tony wants to do Strictly Come Dancing too! Pfffffft!"

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