Friday, September 22, 2006

I am the reason your iPods are no longer cool

I had downloaded the latest version of iTunes a few days ago. The greatest advantage to it in my view is the inclusion of the 'refresh' button on the podcasts page, no longer do I have to schedule things around the tyranny of the 'check for new episodes in one hour' option! I can just download and go!

I then signed up with iTunes, not because I can see myself buying music from them, preferring to hold the CD in my hand whenever possible, but so I could download the album art, and amuse myself by seeing which of my albums would download the covers and which wouldn't. It's rather odd, Kill Bill 1 is on there but Kill Bill 2 apparently isn't. All of the Blur covers were downloaded but none of Radiohead (are they boycotting iTunes or something?). Orbital did fairly well, though they did have the cover of the Green album as the cover of the Brown album (the colours apparently didn't tip them off), some of the more obscure stuff in my collection downloaded, Zen Guerilla and Nancy Elizabeth Cunliffe, but while Godspeed You! Black Emperor was recognised A Silver Mount Zion weren't. It's a funny old world.

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