Thursday, August 10, 2006

My Stupid Library User O' The Day Story

Not so much stupid as charmingly daft. We had an earnest man in his late-twenties/early-thirties come in wanting advice. He had an anti-terrorist plan you see, a sting operation . His great plan was that we let it be known to the terrorists that the Israeli Prime Minister was flying on a particular plan, because then obviously Al Qaeda will flood that plane with their best terrorists but then it turns out that the PM rumour was actually a lie and we arrest all the terrorists. I pointed out the airports would be a bit busy right now but that didn't seem to worry him, he said he'd been watching the news with his wife this morning. I wonder if his wife comes with her own air pump? Rather than waste time trying to explain to the man why his plan probably wouldn't work I told him to print out his plan, take it to the police station and ask for it to be passed on to the Anti-Terorrism unit. It turned out he'd hand-written his great plan, but it was OK because his handwriting was 'quite neat'. I didn't ask what colour ink he'd written this in and he went off happy, full of enthusiasm to do his beat to fit terrorists.

If we were in the United States, he'd be President right now.


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