Friday, August 04, 2006

Christian Voice Against Christianity!

Right, I'm off to Brighton to hang out with a field full of perverts for a day. Back Sunday. In the meantime, please enjoy this press release from my favourite charmless bigots.

I've suspected that CV is just one lonely man in his bedsit and you can tell that he's that particular strain of Christian fundamentalist, in that he's seeing signs and portents where there is none:

As the row over the anti-Christian 'in the name of the father' ad intensified, a prominent Christian group today claimed responsibility for relieving the Gay Police Association of their collective sanity. The advertisement, showing a pool of blood next to a Bible, and headed 'in the name of the father', blamed Christians for what it described as 'a 74% increase in homophobic incidents' which it said had occurred 'over the last year'... Stephen Green, National Director of Christian Voice, said today: 'It is obvious the Indy advertisement is so over the top as to be completely indefensible. The only explanation is that the Gay Police Association has collectively lost what remained of their sanity. In that case, I believe Christian Voice can take much of the credit. No other Christian organisation has done so much that has got under their skin.'

Come again? This is rather akin to saying that the Asian tsunami means that God doesn't like women controlling their reproductive organs in the United States.

...'Life is imitating art. Our True Vision website carries the heading 'Christianity - together we'll crack it' (a take-off of various police slogans like 'street crime - together we'll crack it').'

So, the police slogan encourages people to think that if they come together they can bring an end to street crime. Therefore, logically, the Christian Voice slogan suggests that together people can also destroy Christianity. Finally, something I and the charmless bigots can come together on.


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