Friday, August 04, 2006


The Independent Police Complaints Commission have decided that the shooting of a man arrested during an anti-terror raid in east London was an "accident". Hurrah for our brave boys in blue! Twice people have unreasonably suggested that there should be some hint of punishment for people who shoot other people while hiding behind the technicality of being police and twice we've shown that British justice is the best in the world. After all, if these latest johnnies hadn't gone around being blatantly black then this would never have happened. Although, nudge nudge, we know this isn't a problem for our highly-trained,intelligent and colour-blind police force.

Menawhile, Meanwhile, Mr Kahar has been arrested by police on suspicion of making pornographic pictures of children. This is rather convenient don't you think? He won't be able to concentrate on that piffling matter of being shot while he deals with this. It took the police two months to check the computer? I remember 3-D of Massive Attack was arrested on suspicion of having child pornography near the start of his involvement with the Anti-Iraq War movement, these allegations were later quietly admitted to be a 'load of poo' by the fuzz.


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