Sunday, July 02, 2006

Recently added to my iPod

Well, with absolutely no surprise we've left another international sporting event. I actually missed the most exciting bit, travelling home from work during the time when David Beckham and Wayne Rooney left the pitch for different reasons. While the former is giving up as captain perhaps the latter can take the time between now and the next international competition and try and remember that he's not a teenager any more and grow the fuck up. I'm not highlighting the bollocks-stamping incident in particular but before yesterday he seemed to play better only when England were in the lead and it could be suggested that he lets the team down when they need him the most.

The Conservatives are to recommend Scottish MPs be banned from voting on issues that only affect England. Much as I hate to say it, I think the Conservatives have a point here. The Labour opposition to this seems to be based on the fact that most of the Cabinet, including Prime Minister Macbeth and he who would be Macduff, are Scottish MPs.

Anyway, CDs. I managed to get a copy of Alan Moore's The Highbury Working, one of his series of music backed talks done with Tim Perkins. It's a few years earlier than the other CD of his that I have so far Snakes and Ladders and sounds it, Alan sounds a little less fluid and the words and music don't seem to fit together so well but otherwise it's still a fun and exciting psychogeographical journey.

Then there's Superqueens Royal Shit, which I bought based on hearing them on Mixing It last week. Don't be put off by their awful, awful band name or their awful, awful album name. It's a mix of the Lo-Fi Allstars first album with the vocal stylings of a Southern Mark E. Smith, drawled by a London Karl Hyde. Anyway, there are several free tracks at their website, go listen.

And finally Mi Media Naranja from Labradford. It's more Godspeed You! Black Emperor-ish than the other album I have of theirs (E Luxo So) which, as I don't pay attention to such things as labels and tours any more, was rather a surprise until I saw they were labelmates and toured together in '99. Oh well, live and learn.

Anyway, the weathers hot and sunny out there so I'm planning on staying indoors and watching telly. My landlords had some plumbers in doing work on the empty flat upstairs and, on Thursday, they managed to break a pipe and some water came through the ceiling of the kitchen. Yesterday they tested the electrics and the only problem is I currently have no light in there, but everything else is fine. Some nice little holes in my ceiling too. Sorry, I know it's not up there with Aleister Crowley dying in a grotty B'n'B but there you go.


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