Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Aeon Flux. The tagline is: "For people who found The Matrix Revolutions too intellectually challenging"

Blah blah, an evil oppressive goverment (which doesn't appear to be), brave rebels (who we don't see, apart from their agents), a daft plot involving cloning, gymnastics, Matrix- kung-fu and genetically-engineered Charlize Theron playing Aeon Flux. She's an agent of the rebels (who don't seem to do anything apart from order her around via visions of Frances McDormand) and... and... and I really can't pretend any enthusiasm for this pile of crap. I haven't seen the original cartoon but this film brings nothing to the table that we haven't seen in the rash of inferior Keanu and Company rip-offs of the last seven years.

Much better is Serenity in which 'unjustly-cancelled-before-it's-time' sci-fi-western Firefly goers big screen for it's last hurrah. Ironically the first two minutes of the film explain more about the story's universe than the tv series ever did, before taking one of the main plot threads of the series and taking it to a conclusion. I'm not sure the big reveal is actually anywhere near as shocking as writer/director Joss Whedon thinks it is, but with a script full of great lines this entertains as it goes.


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