Friday, June 30, 2006

The Tories are having way too much fun at Bliar's expense. They're calling him the David Brent of politics ("he doesn't have a job any more, he's just hanging around the office") and offering £500 to whoever can most accurately guess when he goes.

Secondly, I expect we'll have a British version of Megan's Law announced soon. The working goes like this:

1) The Scum want it.
2) Home Secretary 'Judge' John Reid wants to be Prime Minister, possibly challenging Golden Brown depending on what the lie of the land is when Bliar finally goes.
3) John Reid has been cuddling up to Rupert Murdoch, evil billionaire tyrant and overboss of News International and The Scum.
4) Murdoch is reportedly open to backing the Tories at the next election.


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