Saturday, June 03, 2006

On the basis of his interview on The Small World I bought Steve Nalepa's 4th of July EP from Fake Science. If you've disliked more than liked the Aphex Twin's last few albums you may find this interesting and with the strong exchange rate it's only a quid for the EP.

I've held off buying downloadable stuff online, mainly because a few years ago I cleverly downloaded the latest version of Norton Antivirus which, when my computer crashed and needed resetting to factory specs, I lost. I've stayed away from getting stuff through iTunes for much the same reason, and I like having the physical CD in my hands, even if I immediately load it on to my iPod and never listen to the actual CD again. Also, as I think I said somewhere in the past, I'm wary of us straying into the world of the record companies dreams where they don't sell us physical albums any more but instead we pay them something to listen to 'their' music.

I've got a copy of Thom Yorke's solo album Eraser album and am listening to it while trying to decide whether I'll buy it. I suspect I probably will as I wasn't blown away listening to it for the first time last night but I can see it being something that might grow on me as I keep listening.


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