Friday, June 23, 2006

If you measure the passing of time by threats then before we were told terrorists would attack us we were told we were all going to die from having our brains dribble out of our ears thanks to vCJD which we'd get from eating cows which had been forced to eat the ground up remains of their kith and kin, despite their herbivorous nature. Well, that's another apocalypse that didn't happen, despite what any aliens visiting Britain when Princess Di popped her designer clogs might have thought, so scientists have reassured us vCJD can lie dormant for absolutely ages before making you think a vote for the Conservatives might be a good idea. Fifty years is a reasonable timeframe they think, by which time the Conservative Christians should have killed us all in order to bring around the Second Coming.

By the way, wouldn't acting to make things worse to hasten the Second Coming be trying to interfere in the plans of God and suggesting that He can be fooled into thinking He's overslept if the bombs explode early?


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