Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Did John Connor Die For Nothing?

It's a conservatives worst nightmare, what if the invention of robots brings a Communist revolution? What if that's the real reason Skynet went Terminator on humanities arse? And in The Matrix films Agent Smith wanted endless conformity, everyone the same, just like him.

Ahem, anyway... There seem to be some shortcomings to this essay. What happens to the human beings whose labour has been replaced by robots? It also doesn't address the increasing scarcity of materials on this planet, if we're already fighting over water and oil, what happens when we fight over the building blocks of civilsation? And what kind of intelligent race will we have made if they don't put themselves first when scarcity of material becomes so bad that robots have to choose between us or them?

With any luck we'll have blown ourselves up long before this becomes a problem.


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