Monday, May 29, 2006

Feministing points us toward Boycott Ford, a product of those caring, sensitive types at the American Family Association, all het up over eleven seconds of film from Without a Trace which have two women kissing. Ford sponsor the show ergo Ford must have told the writers to put in more lesbian tonsil-hockey. I'm expecting Ford to make some weak-knee'd comment like 'We don't dictate content to the program makers' rather than something positive like 'yeah, and we're having two gay men adopt a baby next week, suck our huge corporate danglies you joyless Christ-disrespecting shits!'.

Anyway, back at the ranch of the people who have never read the Bible, they then go on to list a number of reasons why they think Ford are eeeeevil. Ford should point to this part of the page as the AFA handily sum up all the pro-diversity stuff Ford do/have done. It's almost enough to make me want to go and buy a Ford and I don't even drive!

Idle thought: Is that eleven seconds of WaT covered under 'fair use', or is it naughty for them to have it on their server? Just curious...


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