Saturday, May 27, 2006

Commons-dodging MP and professional cat-impersonator George Galloway has said killing Tony Blair is 'morally justifiable', due to the fact that George Galloway hasn't been in the news for a month. He then stops mainlining the product and calls for Blair to go before a war crimes tribunal instead.

Blair, meanwhile, has been hanging out in the U.S. again and looking fantastically uncomfortable next to Shrubya. When a British reporter asked him whether this would be the last time he stood beside the Chimp that walks like a man as Prime Minister he didn't seem to reply. Then the President asked him if he could buy him dinner and they left. Which just goes to show what a cheap date the United Kingdom is. All those dead troops, all those dead Iraqis, our international standing in the toilet and what has Blair got out of it? A Happy Meal.


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