Saturday, April 15, 2006


I was supposed to tidy my place up this afternoon for the descending of my parents and sister tomorrow. That didn't happen. Still, there's always this evening, or tomorrow morning, or if I just lead them in wearing blindfolds.

I've told my landlord about my leaking pipes under the sink in the kitchen. They've got a plumber coming to their place on Monday week, and they've said they'll get them to come and have a look. Mind you, last year they were going to replace my rotting back wall and wooden patio doors. When I phoned them about the pipes they mentioned they were hoping to get someone along in the next few weeks to have a look and give them a quote. So, that's only two years after I first brought it up.

I watched the Spielberg/Cruise version of War of the Worlds this afternoon. That's a joyless couple of hours that I'll never get back. It's got that annoying little brat from Taken too. The CGI-work is great, as usual for a Spielberg film but otherwise, it's just so dull.


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