Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Sorry I've been crap about writing anything meaningful here for ageeeees, these days personal stuff mainly goes into my LJ, where I can screen who sees it. I've been out of sorts for a while now and it's really just my rampant ego that keeps me going. It's mainly characterised by restlessness combined paradoxically with low energy, and I know what this is because I used to feel it a lot more six or seven years ago. At work I want to be at home, at home I want to be out, when out I want to be in bed. The unwatched TV programs, DVDs and downloaded shows mount up, the pile of unread books slowly grows and all I know is, whatever I want to do at any given moment is whatever I'm not doing at any given moment.

The suggestion from some friends that this is all caused by the counselling I've been doing since late January seems unconvincing, we haven't really got to anything icky in my subconscious yet and I think an hour a week talking about FABULOUS MEEEE!! wouldn't have a negative effect on me.

An obvious thing to do would be to stop sitting around being lazy. Unfortunately that's something I do so well...


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