Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Just finished watching The God Who Wasn't There, or the short version at least, which I downloaded them forgot about aaaaaaages ago. Fairly good, though it doesn't address issues like 'what are the good things you get from religion?' or 'have you noticed how most American Evangelicals and Fundamentalists have been reading a completely different text to the ones we read as kids, with love thy neighbour crossed out and kill the fags biroed in instead?'. Maybe this would be addressed on the DVD. The version mainly points out the problems verifying the historical accuracy of the Gospels, how what happened to Jesus happened to any number of other figures.

What interest me is how Christinaity shifts to fit into the country it ends up in, it essentially promises you can build Jerusalem in Italy, England or the U.S., until the latter decided it would be more fun to break it all instead. Islam seems to be less flexible and adaptable, you change rather than it. I wonder if that's why Islamic cultures became theocracies so much quicker than Christianity, where it's really the U.S. As you can probably tell, I'm just improvising wildly here so this is going nowhere...


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