Saturday, April 22, 2006

I'm wearing man-drag today. Shirt, smart trousers, tie. I haven't shaved since Monday so am starting to look rather like Guy Garvey's cleaner-living, less-attractive younger brother.

Reading the Daily Mail instead of working this morning I found an article about how Lord Charlie Falconer has banned the word 'homosexual' from official court language, along with terms such as 'asylum seekers', on the grounds that Stonewall told him it was offensive to uphill gardeners. I can't find it reported in any publication that I wouldn't use as toilet paper, but Stonewall's website does indeed list that some homos find it offensive. Not being a term I'd use for myself I suppose I'm a bit 'meh' about it, It originates from a medical definition when same-sex attraction/relationships were construed as mental illness which is true enough, but as it's a Latin translation of what a gay person does, not actively couched in 'urgh! Bumsex!' tones it feels a bit like oversensitivity.

Celebrity junkie Pete Doherty was released on bail again yesterday, after being arrested buying drugs a few hours after being let off a prison sentence after pleading guilty to seven charges of drug posession but persuading the judge he was 'showing signs' of trying to break the habit. I'd love to know what signs these were. "Look Judge, he's taking off his belt and... tying it round his arm. This is obviously a sign that... umm he's going to fasten it to the desk to stop him running off and eating some 'Charlies'. And look, he's getting out his syringe and spoon to remind him of the life he's trying to put behind him, and, yes, he's 'boiling up' the heron so no-one else will have their lives blighted by it's blighting blight. He's just the new Messiah really."


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