Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Cricket Cricket Cricket...

Lords Cricket Ground, Middlesex Versus Kent
Originally uploaded by Loz Flowers.

Did I mention the time I was embaressed by meeting up with an Australian friend who had been in London for all of three days and knew her way around London better than I, who had been living here for several years?

Today I discovered how easy it is to get from where I live to Lords Cricket Ground, the Home of English Cricket. And I've lived where I do for six years.

Anyway, my Dad and I made the journey today. The cricketing season started last week and the photo shows you probably the entire spectating public. When we arrived we initially sat on the ground floor of the stands and I was surprised by how small it seemed compared to the images we all see on telly, where the camera stretches it all out. However, I took this photo after lunch when we sat higher up and the pitch did seem wider from above.

Apart from MCC-tie wearers pottering around the place was very quiet, so much so that we had real difficulty finding anything to eat, there were no burger vans, most places in the ground seemed to be members only and/or shut and eventually we had to follow the directions from the guy on the gate to find a Italian cafe. I hope that that was just a side-effect of it being very early in the season and not that Lords CC considers itself so posh it doesn't slum it with fast food vans and suchlike. Anyway, I'm looking for the details of the 20-20 match s and the Floodlight Game with interest.


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