Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Lords Return to Form

It's been difficult recently as anyone that has any interest in the democratic process has had to entrust the future of this country to a bunch of unelected cronies of the Government of this country over the last few decades. Well, that time is over, as the Lords stop opposing the Government over ID Cards. And to think I was stupid enough to believe they were concerned with the common good. No, they've rolled over after the Government promised the ID Cards wouldn't be compulsory until after the next general election or 2010, whichever comes first. This basically means that the Government have shifted their position back to where they stood when Old Man Blunkett ran the abandoned theme park that is the Home Office. In fact, I seem to recall that it was compulsory by 2012 if the Government felt like it, so they're still ahead. And now they're pretty much locked in, so even if the Tories were to spend their time between now and the next General Election railing against the scheme, should they win at the next election they'd say it was too late to stop the ID Card process.

And on this whole 'cash for peerages' scandal. I'm confused. You have a situation where the Prime Minister of the country gives people the opportunity to sit in a branch of Government which has the power to veto laws he wishes to pass, and people are shocked he uses this to get money to run his party and to stuff the Lords with people who will vote for his legislation? Anyone would think Margaret Thatcher only sent to the Lords people from the public who deserved to be there.


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