Monday, February 13, 2006

Yet another security expert comes out against ID cards.

So, from memory, let's see, the public either don't want it or at least don't want to pay for it, the security services don't need it, the academics don't believe it'll work, the companies that will take our money don't believe they can deliver it, the House of Lords has voted against it and until recently the Government was working on the assumption of bringing this in using means that didn't involve anyone voting on it because they knew they'd lose. Meanwhile councils around the country are being capped so they can't increase council tax because they aren't getting enough money from central Government. Money that is being spent on the abuse of Iraqis and Afghanis and... ID Cards.

How's this for a slogan? "A vote for ID Cards is a vote for the closure of all public services" After all, if we're dead then we're not going to be at risk from terrorism and, if we're going to die early there's no point wasting time and resources teaching us is there?


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