Sunday, February 05, 2006

The IT Crowd

Watched The IT Crowd on Friday night and it was great. It was Father Ted meets The BOFH , no surprise as it was written by one of the two Ftaher Ted writers, Graham Linehan. But it returns to the basic premise of that show, people that on no account should be allowed to mingle with the general population, in Father Ted they were exiled to Craggy Island, in The IT Crowd they are stuck in the basement of an IT company in London and are encouraged to stay there as much as possible.

Character-wise Roy has most of the worst habits of Father Ted, he's rude, stupid, arrogant and his mouth often gets him into situations that cause him considerable pain. Moss is definitely Father Dougal, living in a world of his own where he has three different-sized pairs of glasses depending on how excited he is and gets the concepts of 'golf' and 'office fires' mixed up surprisingly easily. Uber-boss Denholm (a wonderful performance by Chris Morris) is very much Bishop Brennan, only stupider. It's only office manager Jen that doesn't really fit into the Father Ted mold and as of the first two episodes she's probably the least interesting character, she's a girl so she doesn't know anything about computers and spends the second episode obsessed with fitting her feet into shoes three sizes too small. Oh dear. Katherine Parkinson gives it her all but of the four main characters has the least to work with.

If they can keep this up it'll be great. And Roy goes through episode one with a RTFM t-shirt. How geeky is that?


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