Friday, February 24, 2006

Help me...

I've tried to ignore it for months now but it's becomming so obvious that disguising the affliction is fast becomming an impossible and foolish action. Whilst socially debilitating it's not the end, indeed many other people have managed to lead perfectly ordinary lives despite this and there's even drugs that can be used if it gets too much.

I think I'm slowly succumbing to professionalism.

It's horrible.

I think it was my achieving the status of Chartered Librarian last year that did it. Now I browse through Library and ICT technology websites, admittedly I ignore and forget almost all of what's on there, the rest is stuff that doesn't actually have anything to do with being a librarian. But still. I now read Update, the pointlessly glossy and glossily pointless magazine for CILIP (who one might argue are also equally PG and GP). Really it's a magazine for people who are in the business of Librarianship rather than the business of being Librarians, again I mostly ignore and forget most of what I read and most of it is irrelevent (they're starting to emerge from a long slough of articles about Knowledge Management, so by the Autumn they will have finally discovered Web 2.0). But still. Look, I just linked to Ariadne for Dewey's sake. Admittedly to take the piss, but still.

I didn't want to be a professional and was sceptical about professionalism. ut you get a sniff of it and it's addictive. If I don't watch myself it'll be messier than Noel Gallagher with a big bag of cocaine.

Now, if you don't mind, I've got a TALIS briefing paper to read on Do Libraries Matter?

< sob >


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