Wednesday, February 22, 2006

As an experiment, I bring gifts. You Send It gifts. Firstly, some music: Arcade Fire- Wake Up. From Funeral, released this time last year. They sound like a joyous version of A Silver Mount Zion/Godspeed/any number of other names, probably not surprising as they issue from Canada and the Hotel2Tango studios. I strongly recommend this album, it's the opposite of it's title, so life-afirming, good for what ails ya.

Also see The Arcade Fire website.

Alternatively, brief comedy with Warren Ellis on Alan Moore. I downloaded this several months ago from here. It seems to be all that remains of a larger non-functioning site, I'd give more links if the owner gets in contact. Meanwhile, thanks to You Send It these links are good only for seven days or a few downloads so if you come across this much later you've missed your chance. Sorry!


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