Monday, January 16, 2006

Would You Adam and Eve it?

I watched the first part of Richard Dawkins Channel 4 two-parter The Root of All Evil this afternoon. I don't know how he does it, he gets a Catholic official to admit that the so-called healing effects of Lourdes are non-existent, he gets a Jew that converted to Islam to tell him that he's got to get the women in Britain to stop dressing like whores unless he wants a holy war and still he comes over as too harsh against religion.

The best way to annoy an atheist is to tell them that their opinion is a belief, but in Dawkins case it is completely accurate, he is a non-religious zealot, a scientific fanatic. He worships at the altar of evolution and the cell.

He effectively equates the quiet undemonstrative CofE religion of my grandmothers with those who fly planes into buildings thinking that achieves anything. Even I'm not going to go that far, but if we have to sacrifice that faith to get rid of the fanatics then I think that's a fair trade. Especially as I found out yesterday that ultra-conservative Islam has a belief in an End Time, just like Christianity. It also believes it has to be brought on by strife and destruction, just like Christianity. And an adherent of this belief runs Iran, just as a believer in the Christian version runs the United States. James Lovelock reckons global warming will pretty much wipe humanity out in the next century. I doubt we'll last long enough for global warming to kill us off.

A pox on religion's houses.


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