Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Turns out my sister and her hubby are now homeless. They are supposed to be moving out of their old place this Friday and into their new place. However, their mortgage supplier have suddenly decided to turn the arsiness up to eleven. A good month or two before they started the whole 'getting a new mortgage' process my brother-in-law got a new job, that had one of those six month trial periods. The mortgage people knew this as my sister took care to point it out to them, but have waited a month, until it was pretty much too late to say "hang on, we're not going to give you a mortgage if there's a risk you might not keep this job". The six month period was due to end in February but then his work have decided to join in the fun by extending the trial period by three months. That my sister is in full-time employment and not looking to move (now) doesn't matter because she's just a girl and doesn't earn as much as men.

I'm not sure how much of that last sentence was the reason from the mortgage company and how much was my Mum's reporting of it.

So, my sister and hubby will be splitting their stuff between the parents houses and will be living with the in laws while this mess is sorted out. If my mother's reporting is in any way accurate it's nice to see my sisters spending power being rendered negligable by the act of marriage. Of course the most annoying thing is not that it's come up, but that the mortgage company brought it up so late in the day, really at the last minute. I'll certainly be encouraging them to complain, once they've got the whole situation sorted out.


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