Saturday, January 14, 2006

Saddam Hussein's judge wants out, though at least in this case it's not because of threats to his safety but because he's pissed off about the attitude of his paymasters towards him going through the pretense of a fair trial for the murderous ex-dictatorous shit.

Gordon Brown wants us to celebrate our Britishness. Bloody Scots git, rubbing it in like that. Still, whenever anyone starts talking about wanting to celebrate our nationality, I always get nervous and want to check that all the exits are clear. After all, what are we but a nation of woad enthusiasts who got a leg up by the sheer dumb luck of being invaded by the most advanced civilisation of the time and then proceeding to leech off of the misery and toil of others for most of the next few millenia. Maybe we should start by apologising. After all, we get the routine down pat and then we can teach it to the Americans to start apologising for all the shit they're doing to the world right now.


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