Friday, January 27, 2006

The Pot and Kettle Debate

pot and kettle
Originally uploaded by Loz Flowers.

Head of an institutionally racist organisation apologises for insensitivity during an attack on a number of other organisations for institutional racism. Which is not to deny that some media is racist, institutionally or not and that Sir Ian is right, if insensitive, that the Soham murders were vastly overblown as a story, as any story involving children and/or animals will be (what if we find out that Wally the Whale was up the Thames not because of confusing sonar but because it was looking for children to nonce?) But to frame it as 'everyone's doing it', when the Met have the continuing de Menezes case (old joke: What's the difference between an Argentinian and a Pakistani? Welcome to the police anti-terrorism unit) hanging over them, doesn't really work. And is he including publications like The Voice or The Asian Times in his catch all of 'the media'? Sort out your own house Sir Ian...


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