Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Oh wonderful!

This could be the big one. Never mind American arguments about what should be taught in lessons that the kids are sleeping through anyway, in Italy a Judge has ordered that a priest proves that Jesus existed. An Italian atheist wrote a book called Well That About Wraps It Up For God (all right, The Fable of Christ, but wouldn't it have been great?), a Priest denounced him and now he's being accused of 'abuse of popular credulity' and 'impersonation'.

Definitions of those two terms can be found here, but the long and short is that the Catholic Church have lied by misrepresentation of facts and claiming they are actual historical events.

And so soon after Christmas too! Although Googling would suggest this issue has been going for many years. I'm all confused. Unless The Times is only now reporting something that happened last year, and two years before that, and two years prior to that as well and...


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