Wednesday, January 25, 2006

National Police Memorial on Horse Guards Parade

National Police Memorial on Horse Guards Parade
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Mighty cold weather today. Had an appointment in Holloway and found out that they've got rid of the Hobgoblin or whatever it was called! Well, I only went there once, was it a SFD birthday or something? I forget.

Anyway, after that, got the tube down to Tate Britain. It's kind of 'between exhibitions' at the moment, Degas, Toulouse Lautrec and Manet is out, they're getting ready for the Gothic Nightmares which starts 15th Feb. God, it must be super-boring having to guard the doors to stop people getting in when the exhibitions are closed.

What I'd never seen before was that if you go along to the end of the street and turn left you're into the Westminster village, civil servants smoking like chimneys outside the Home Office or DEFRA. I walked along to Saint James's Park, then at the other end of the Horse Guards Parade is the National Police Memorial to all the officers who died on duty.

Time was a-wasting and I was a-hungry, so I walked up to Old Compton Street. I was surprised to find Pollo had closed down. Granted I had only eaten there four or five times but that was probably therefore the place in Central London where I'd eaten the most. However, as this downmarket Italian greasy-spoon had a slightly better-furnished Italian cafe next door to it I doubt the people involved had to move that far to find new work.


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