Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I don't know, is it possible for a TV show to jump back over the shark? In the opposite direction? Because SG-1 looks suspiciously like it's getting good again. It jumped when Daniel Jackson died... the first time. The following season wasn't bad, I really liked the episodes where O'Neill is killed repeatedly by Baal as a form of torture, and where Teal'c dreams he's a fireman. But then the next season it really goes wrong. Daniel comes back from the dead and they have to find Atlantis or Earth is doomed. Do they look for Atlantis? Do they even pretend to look for Atlantis? Do they even mention the importance of finding Atlantis? Nope. They go right through to the finale then find it. Then, the next season, they lose all focus, ending up with bringing back Anubis from the dead, the human Replicators (a prime example of having a good idea and taking what makes it good out of the equation), killing Daniel Jackson again for a short while and killing Sam's Dad for what is presumably longer. But now, with season nine, it seems to be getting good again. Granted Ben Browder is playing Jack O'Neill with the serial number filed off, but that's not completely a bad, and the last two episodes over here, with false memories and then with alternate realities were returns to the good old days of seasons three and four. There's hope yet.


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