Friday, January 27, 2006

Following up this, it seems Simon Hughes has managed to get the 'b' word out.

From the Indy: But a Liberal Democrat member from Southwark who phoned the Radio 5 programme told Mr Hughes that she felt "badly let down". She said: "Your sexuality is such a non-issue. Anyone in Southwark who knows about you knew that you were gay or bisexual." She added: "Because he hasn't told the truth about it, it makes me question what I have been voting for all these years."

Modern Britain, where you can be 'gay or bisexual', just so long as you don't lie about it.

Newsnight last night was interesting on the subject, where Michael Brown, a gay ex-Tory MP, pointed out that in the era he and Hughes both started politics homosexuality had been decriminalised close-by in living memory and it would have been suicide to be open about it. Doesn't quite explain the 'Simon Hughes- The Only Straight Candidate' stuff, but he's apologised and Peter Tatchell says he's forgiven him.


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