Friday, January 27, 2006

Dental Rot!

The title is from Sky News. I think they've spent all day talking about unaccredited dentists. Yes, the world is turning more and more like The Day Today every day...

So, home after work, on with the skirt, out with the bottle of wine, do we call this 'doing a Siobhan'?

The reason for this is that I had a meeting with my manager about the job interview I had on Monday. What I did well, where I went wrong, the things I have no recollection of saying... But anyway, by the end of it, in order that I 'increase my management experience' she had got me to agree to work two days a week at another library. Not as a library manager, not even as a deputy, official or unofficial, to the manager. I'm puzzled as to how this will increase my management skills as it seems I'm not going to get any special experience. I'll just have to wear smarter clothes. Arses, I've just been played haven't I?


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