Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Bye-Bye Iraq

Shrubya has started sketching out his plans for those words Iraqis want to hear: The US leaving Iraq. The Daily Telegraph reports it as Bush cuts off cash for rebuilding Iraq but as Iraq was being 'rebuilt' by US companies, because trying to invest Iraqis in rebuilding their own country would be a mad idea, when the existing money has been used up, a lot of them will pull out, except for those whose job is to steal the Iraqi oil for the US car-driving public. And when they go the Iraqi people will finally get to rebuild their country as most of the US money at the moment seems to be going towards training normal Iraqis to get in the way of the fanatics trying to blow up the Americans.

According to a couple of entries in Talking Points Memo, off-again, on-again American stooge Ahmad Chalabi won less than 1% of the vote in the Iraqi elections, but still gets to run the Iraqi Oil Ministry, so it would seem that Shrubya's finally got something to be happy about. He got to get rid of someone he didn't like and show his Daddy who the big man is and has ensured that the US can go on pollutin' for a bit longer.


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