Thursday, December 08, 2005

Steve Bell on Blair and Cameron's first Prime Ministers Questions

Steve Bell on Blair and Cameron on PMQs
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That was fun. I wonder how long this anti-confrontational style will last, and how far Cameron can go promising Blair his help on unpopular subjects. After all, these are supposedly things Blair wants to bring in as his 'legacy' to the country before he hands over to Brown, does Cameron really want to help Blair on this? Or is it that it's okay to let Blair leave on a high as long as he just leaves?

The downside is that while Cameron has the aura of being untouched by the Thatcher era most of his table aren't, little Billy Hague is back, David Davies has been left in his post, Liam Fox has a job, so while the Conservatives might have a friendly and electable face for the first time in a decade he's got some unpleasant people behind him.

Cameron's memorable quote from yesterday is saying to Blair: "You used to be the future!", probably up there with little Billy Hague telling the Tory party in 1980s: "You're going to be dead in a few years!"


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