Thursday, December 22, 2005

Piss-poor Punning From the Scum

Piss-poor Punning From the Scum
Originally uploaded by Loz Flowers.

I'm not really annoyed by the homophobia (it's one of those grey areas where it's homophobia if it comes from a newspaper with a history and standing tradition of homophobia but not if it came from someone gay friendly, which MurdochSkyFox co obviously aren't) but the joke or 'aisle'/arse. They did the same thing advertising 'American Pie 3'.

Let's make it clear now, you cannot transpose 'aisle' and 'arse'! The two words don't even sound similar! That's like replacing 'Rebecca Wade' with 'vicious red-haired bitch who likes attacking men'. See, both factually correct but you couldn't pun it could you?


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