Thursday, November 10, 2005

You'd think that after his defeat yesterday Blair would want to lay low, lick his wounds, prepare a new strategy for his anti-terrorism measures. Blair to MPs: "You're all fuckers!" Well, that's the gist of it. I don't quite understand why Bliar now seems to be obsessing over this ninety days issue. But if Bliar now believes his MPs were wrong on this issue, how can he, in all good conscience, continue to lead them? At the very least he should step down as leader and Prime Minister, at the most he should also call a General Election. If you live in an area with a Labour MP, especially one who voted against the Government, perhaps you could ask them to push Bliar to do the right thing. If he believes the public support this, why not a referendum on the crime laws?

The propaganda department for the Government on this has been busy, with the Sun hissing at the news that MPs may possibly have some interest in human rights, as unlikely as that sounds.

On Tuesday they had given us this,

only today it turns out the person in the photo is not best pleased as it was without his permission and he blames the Government more than the terrorists for what happened to him.

"This is using my image to push through draconian and utterly unnecessary terrorism legislation. Its incredibly ironic that the Sun's rhetoric is as the voice of the people yet they don't actually ask the people involved, the victims, what they think. If you want to use my image, the words coming out of my mouth would be, 'Not in my name, Tony'. I haven't read anything or seen anything in the past few months to convince me these laws are necessary."

So all that remains is why is it that Bliar is so concerned about that 90 day period, what does 90 days do that 28 days doesn't. Is he suffering from some sort of mental "Stockholm syndrome", where he's managed to convince himself that 90 day detention saves the country but everything else helps the terrorists?


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