Saturday, November 05, 2005

I broke part of one of my teeth yesterday. I did it in the morning and didn't relise until getting ready for bed last night. I thought at the time that I'd just got an extra-crunchy Skittle. So far there has been no pain. I'm hoping that this is because it's the tooth that I had a root canal done on a few years back. I'm really hoping this because I may have a wait to see my dentist to see what can be done. But I've just drunk a cup of tea with no ill effects so I may just make it through this.

Film4 are doing another free weekend. The only things I have a desire to see are Buffalo Soldiers and Infernal Affairs, but my Sky+ box is 3/4s full of stuff which I haven't got round to watching yet. I was off sick yesterday but didn't manage to clear much off. But I'd be interested to know the state of Film4's finances, they stopped financing films a few years back and I'm suprised to see them still going.


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