Tuesday, November 22, 2005

David Irving was arrested in Austria a week and a half ago on a long standing warrant issued over his continuing denying of the Holocaust. Several years ago he sued Penguin books and author Deborah Lipstadt over their labelling of him as a holocaust denier only to lose the case.

Deborah Lipstadt has a blog.

I close with something Anthony Julius said to me at one point during the lengthy preparations for this trial when I was tired and frustrated by the disruption to my life this legal battle had caused. After listening to me rail against Irving, Anthony said: “Think of fighting David Irving as you would the shit you step in on the street. It has no relevance unless you fail to clean it off your feet prior to reentering you home or office.” My feet are clean, i.e. my fight with him is over. What Austria decides to do is its business.


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