Wednesday, November 02, 2005

And now some comedy, courtesy of David Blunkett.

I am not resigning, says Blunkett. At 19:04, Tuesday 1st of November.
Blunkett resigns from cabinet. At 11:32, Wednesday 2nd of November.

But we often forget the victims in these stories, such as Eric Joyce, Boy's Own MP and PPS to Shiteyes. He's one of those MPs that only ever seem to go on telly to defend the indefensible, a few years ago he seemed to have a sleeping bag in the corner of the Newsnight studio next to Sir Menzies Campbell as he was required to defend the Government's involvement in that. Now with Blunkett on the way out I'll be watching Newsnight tonight to see if he gets the chance for a last hurrah before disappearing back to obscurity.

But we'll wait and see what happens to Blunkett next, as Blair proved with Peter Mandelson, he doesn't believe that breaking rules should be seen as a bar to political office. We are now hopefully free of the nightmarish vision of a possible Blunkett Prime Ministership or return to the Home Office. Maybe he can pack him off to Brussels as he did with Mandy or does the country still need a new ambassador to Uzbeckistan, one who will genuinely not see any of their human rights abuses?


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