Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Baby Boomers are killing this country. I'd be willing in the same half-serious tone to enlarge it to 'The Baby Boomers are killing western culture' as it has a knock-on effect on the culture of this country too. (My parents are a few years too young to be boomers, phew!)

If you can't remember the Sixties you're extremely fortunate. All age groups think the time when they were young was the best (witness the witless 'Britpop-ten years on' stuff in the media this summer, ten years on from a music form that was largely looking back again to that sixties neverland) but if it wasn't for the sheer number of people for whom the Sixties were their best day then we wouldn't have it held up as some divine truth that it was somehow better to be alive then than any time since.


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