Thursday, April 07, 2005

Outside chance for Father DOugal to be the next Pope. Well, it'll be Father Jack if they want someone old, mad and incredibly right-wing who hates everybody.

HST's last wish, to have his ashes fired from a cannon, will be granted.

In shock news, Robert Mugabe stole last month's election!.

Proof that God is a Republican: After months of the press being very rude about Charles after it turned out that the Prince really meant it about loving Camilla and wanted to marry her, the Pope's funeral was set for the day of their marriage and now they've put it back to the Saturday the Met Office are predicting blizzards.

An Egyptian cleric denounced attempts to discuss safe sex and abortions in the country's classrooms. Shrubya's reaction reported to be: "Now, what's this about you chopping criminals' hands off? That sounds good to me..."


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