Sunday, April 10, 2005

I've just been listening to Anthony and the Johnson's I'm a Bird Now because mention the word 'transvestite' near me and watch as I perk up. Sadly, a listen doesn't impress me. Tony has certainly got a nice voice, somewhere between Otis Redding and Nick Cave after an accident with his fly, but I don't particularly care for torch songs which, along with 'sitting on the dock of a bay' seems to be the era/style that is being pastiched in the 'no, we genuinely like this' style of the Scissor Sisters or The Darkness.

Along with a bunch of gender/kinkbending titles like 'My Lady Story', 'Man is the Baby' and, of course, 'I Am a Bird Now' it's just presented in such a dreary po-faced style. It's only just over half an hour long and by the halfway point I'm desperate for some humour and verbal high-kicks. The first track ends with some dynamic piano playing which they decide to not risk doing again.

The biggest disappointment from queersville since Ocean Colour Scene.


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