Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Well, it seems like upstairs have finally got the idea about vacuuming at night after I knocked on their door to complain the weekend before last. Unfortunately to compensate for no longer having that waking me up I now seem to be sleeping extremely lightly, so if they sneeze upstairs that wakes me up, there also seems to be an especially strident starling that does his bit of the dawn chorus on the fence at the bottom of my garden right up until the point I'm actually awake, then he buggers off elsewhere. I'm going to try some earplugs tonight but it's as much that I do generally sleep quite soundly, so can wake up on my own with no outside help.

I don't normally work on wednesday, but I swapped some time with someone at work who needed today off. So I'm making a trek around five of the libraries in the group weeding their graphic novels, and then some time in the next month I'm going to get to go to Gosh! and replace them. This counts as a perk of work.


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