Sunday, March 06, 2005

I'm trying to remember if there was a time when I didn't think David Aaronovitch was an arse and an idiot. We should not ask whether the Iraq invasion was 'legal' - we should ask whether it was 'good'. We have to do this remember, because before the war Davey said the war was just because Saddam had WMD and if it turned out that Blair had lied on that Davey would be very disappointed. Well, now we know that Blair did lie and Davey has been rather floundering ever since to try and retcon some valid reason for going in and killing loads of people.

And while we're talking about killing loads of people, all the papers cover the news that Sir John Stevens, former Met police chief, has claimed there are two hundred Al Qaeda agents in the UK, waiting, always waiting, for their moment. What I can't find anywhere is his proof for this, or why he knows it's two hundred and not four or six. Two hundred agents seems rather excessive, considering that only a couple of dozen people were involved in the September 11th WTC attack, or the train bombs in Madrid. If he knows there are two hundred people it would rather suggest that they know who these two hundred are, so why aren't they in Belmarsh with the other detainees for whom there is no evidence made available to the public of their involvement in terrorism?

Sir John is in favour of allowing people to kill intruders in their houses, ID Cards and scanners to allow people to see under other people's clothes and was insisting in 2002 that the Met was no longer racist.


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