Thursday, March 03, 2005

I'm really not sure, watching the trailer for the new version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, it looks like a bit of a ghastly mistake. C&tCF was one of Roald Dahl's least disturbing books too, so I'm not sure where Tim Burton can go with this, although the words 'Christopher Lee as Dr. Wilbur Wonka' should strike fear into the hearts of purists everywhere.

And, as we weren't talking about IMDB, can I just share with you the review of The Royal Tenenbaums by someone I want to hurt?

...The movie has some scenes that would be very serious in a normal film, but as a comedy, it's all taken very lightly. The characters are all miserable, one has a drug problem, and another is on the verge of suicide. But they get wacky jokes out of the tragedy that occurs, and Wes Anderson is the one who proves that it's possible to make sadness happy at the same time...


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