Wednesday, March 02, 2005

BBC Governors are latest victims of the Hutton Inquiry. Whilst the Governors in their current role probably are a bad idea, my blood runs cold at the notion of [A] new trust established to "speak up" for the licence fee payer. Who decides who sits on these? And as I've just been spending the afternoon listening to a radio 4 drama from a few weeks back about Mary Whitehouse trying to prosecute a theatre production in the early eighties for obscenity, I'm worried about the keys to the kingdom being given either to another Government quango (although the Governors were already Government appointed) or to an interest group like the National Viewers and Listeners Association.

Schoolgirl wins right to wear Muslim gown to school.

A spokesman for Denbigh High School, where 79% of pupils are Muslims, defended its uniform policy which he said took into account cultural and religious sensitivities... The case had been lost due to a "small, technical breach" of the Human Rights Act, the spokesman added.

That 'small, technical breach' being that the school was in the wrong.


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